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PRH Chamber Canada-Florida Trade Mission May 2019

Canada-Florida Chamber of Commerce FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
150 S.Pine Island Road, Suite 300
Plantation, FL, 33324
T. 954-379-7552 #22

Canada-Florida Chamber of Commerce Trade Mission May 1st, 2nd 3rd

West Palm Beach, FL: The Canada-Florida Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce Montreal Metropolitan, is proud to organize its 14th trade mission in South Florida. This latest edition focuses on the construction, real estate, and tourism industries and its value chain. It presents unique networking opportunity in one of the most dynamic markets in the world. Over the three days event, 12 Canadian companies will take part in conferences, private meetings, and networking events with key actors in Florida. The trade mission in Palm Beach County couldn’t be possible without the support of the General Consulate of Canada in Miami, the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Palm Beach County and the Port of Palm Beach.

The Canada-Florida Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize our trusted partners, Desjardins Bank official partner and Air Canada Official Carrier.

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“Lessons in Leadership” A conversation with Javier Palomarez.

"Lessons in Leadership" A conversation with Javier Palomarez.

"Lessons in Leadership" a conversation with Javier Palomarez. On this interview, we addressed the following questions with Mr. Palomarez:1. Meaning of Leadership. Is leadership an innate skill, or characteristic … or can it be learned?2. What are some of the things that you have done to develop your leadership skills? (Mentors, personal coaches, diplomas, mastermind groups, training, etc.)3. Most successful leaders are built on rituals and habits, what are some of yours? 4. What advice can you give to young Latino and Latina professionals that are starting to take a leadership role in their careers?5. What mistakes have you made as a leader … and what did you learn from them?6. Is there a difference in the types of leadership needed in a corporate setting and a social, non-profit environment?7. On April 2017, a reporter published an article saying that "Javier Palomarez Is Not the Hispanic Community's Martin Luther King Jr.", Were you trying to be the Hispanic Community's Martin Luther King Jr.? 8. Why when we have a rising star in the Latino community some people focus their energy to try to destroy it? We are an economic force that needs more leaders like you at the national level. We need more business leaders with a strong visibility in the marketplace. Your thoughts on that?9. You brought the USHCC out of economic near-collapse and brought it back to the spotlight because of the incredible job you did. You are now writing a new chapter in your successful career, what leadership role are you planning to take over the next few years?#Hispanic #Business #Leader #Discipline #Success #HardWord #Dedication

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“Lessons in Leadership” a conversation with Javier Palomarez. On this interview, we addressed the following questions with Mr. Palomarez:…

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Gobernador Scott extiende Orden Ejecutiva 17-259 en apoyo a los puertorriqueños víctimas del huracán María

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Durante una mesa redonda sobre Puerto Rico, el gobernador Rick Scott anunció la firma de la Orden Ejecutiva 18-17 que extiende la Orden Ejecutiva 17-259 para los 67 condados en la Florida en respuesta al huracán María. Esta orden ejecutiva asegura que el Estado puede continuar dándoles la bienvenida a las familias desplazadas por el huracán María. Esta declaración también permitirá que el Estado continúe proveyendo importantes recursos y la asistencia necearía para mejor acomodar las necesidades de las familias en la Florida, impactadas por el Huracán María. La Florida continuará coordinando con FEMA para proveer a las víctimas del huracán María, que han viajado al Estado con servicios importantes tales como ayuda para la vivienda, consejería, y asistencia con el desempleo.
El gobernador Scott dijo “Hoy, para asegurar que la Florida tenga todos los recursos disponibles, para continuar ayudando a las familias desplazadas por el huracán Maria, estoy extendiendo la Orden Ejecutiva 17-259 declarando Estado de Emergencia en los 67 condados de la Florida. Puerto Rico quedó devastado por el huracán María y muchas familias los perdieron todo. Mientras Puerto Rico se recupera, Florida continua su cometido de hacer todo lo posible para ayudar las familias impactadas por el huracán María durante el proceso de reconstrucción.”

Reporter: Mirta Luaces

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