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About Ted Victor


Ted Victor, formally Thierry Teodoro Miguel Florival Victor, is a noble and well traveled American who is proudly of Dominican Republic, Haitian, and Cuban heritage. His family moved to the United States when he was only five years old. He was raised in New York City, and spent most of his formative years in Brooklyn. 
Though Mr. Victor is a proud American, he fully embraces his Caribbean Latin American roots. He travels to his island of Hispaniola, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, whenever possible. Other than English, Ted Victor also speaks Spanish, Creole, French, and conversational Portuguese. He plans on teaching his children these languages, and intends on them becoming international citizens as well. As a result of his international and multilingual background, the culturally diverse City of Pembroke Pines is even more special to him. 
With your vote, Mr. Victor will bring his work experience and academic training to District 1 of the Pembroke Pines Commission. He currently owns two businesses, and holds university degrees in history, public health, environmental science, epidemiology, biomedical science, health promotion, and educational leadership.
Ted Victor has called Pembroke Pines his home for the last ten years with his lovely wife of Puerto Rican heritage, who is professionally a Registered Nurse. He is the proud father of their three beautiful children. He is grateful to have been able to work as a science educator for 15 years in the public school system, and raise his family in Pembroke Pines. 
His international profile, passion for community, respect for social justice, and the love for his work in education, have all prepared him to bring the City of Pembroke Pines a refreshing approach to leadership. His approach is inclusive, culturally and socioeconomically sensitive, with a balanced barometer for the needs of the varying communities within District 1. In Mr. Victor’s vision, all communities equally matter.
Improved education for children through new initiatives and more comprehensive academic programs are key components to Ted Victor’s platform, for making the community stronger and preventing more kids from falling through the cracks. Another cornerstone of Ted Victor’s campaign platform is broadening economic opportunities available to the business community via increasing awareness of opportunities available and creating more solvent businesses by creating additional and expanding existing microloan programs for interested and qualified residents, to further empower the small business owners of Pembroke Pines. 
A vote for TED VICTOR is a vote for family, education, development, mentorship, community, diversity, inclusion, economy, leadership and most importantly, a vote for YOU!
 On March 13, 2018, vote TED VICTOR for City of Pembroke Pines Commission, District 1. Give VICTOR the VICTOR-Y! 

City of Pembroke Pines... with Commissioner Maxwell B. Chambers to support Ted Victor for Commisioner of Pembroke Pines..

Posted by Carlene C. Wright on Tuesday, December 19, 2017
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